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How important is to learn professional Russian language?

The Russian language has about 280 million speakers in the world. It is the seventh most spoken language. Russian speaking peoples live predominantly in Russia. But even some former Soviet Socialist republics like Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, ex- Yugoslavia and former East Germany speaks both the origin and native Russian language. Many European countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine or the Baltic countries still use the Cyrillic alphabet. the latter the use of the Cyrillic is still important today given the recent history of the twentieth century. On the other hand Russian is still a vehicle language for the regions of the Caucasus and Asia Minor.

The boundary of Russian language

Russian derives from the Slavic languages ​​and is one of the official languages ​​in the UN but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, the alphabet is the third official of the European Union since the accession of Bulgaria in 2007.Russian speaking is not for everyone. How to learn the alphabet, basic phrases, grammar and pronunciation? There is a solution. It is recommended to you to learn the language from the best foreign language learning school like https://www.jtcom.de/. If you know the importance and boundary of the Russian language and its importance, you will surely do the needful. The peculiarity of Russian is that its alphabet is different from yours. Start with the study of the Cyrillic alphabet and try to spell all the words.  Then move on to perfecting the pronunciation.

Learn basic vocabulary

After the sentences made you will try to expand your vocabulary.Learn ten new words a day.Some basic rules are essential to get to know Russian. Many sites help you discover Russian easily for free and immediately.Genres, grammatical peculiarities and concepts are bit distant from your syntax. Little by little you will face all this. Even Russian uses declinations like Latin. The genres are three masculine, feminine and neutral. There are only three tenses present, past and future.This means that the grammatical and syntactic structure of Russian sentences is simple and purged.The Russian verb has three conjugate times and two expected forms.Reading the texts of Russian authors in the original language helps you to progress quickly in learning Russian.

Conclusion: Do you speak Russian?

The Cyrillic alphabet may seem to be made of hieroglyphs, 33 letters, 11 vowels, 20 consonants and 2 silent letters. They need hours of study like when you learned other languages. Obviously with the Russian alphabet you will have to start from scratch. Memorize every letter be able to spell each Russian word. Once you have acquired the Russian alphabet it is essential to familiarize yourself with Russian sounds and pronunciation. Start listening to some podcasts. As with any language you will need to proceed by stages.

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