Tips to be a good Economics tutor

Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs nowadays. Teaching requires extensive knowledge of a subject, enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference in the lives of students. The role of a tutor is to be a guide and facilitator of learning on JC Economics tuition. The tutor guides, evaluates, feeds back and motivates his students, looking for his good performance in the course. Here are some tips that can be helpful for someone who plays a role as tutor.

 Personal tips:

  1. Have your students motivated
  2. Be punctual with feedback
  3. Master the subject
  4. Always be prepared and organized
  5. Build relationships with students and demonstrate affection
  6. Weekly message always at the beginning of the week: It helps the students to know the tasks and notifications in advance in order to organize their time.
  7. I recommend that in the weekly message, you inform the deadlines to deliver activities, and remind them that they have their tutor for any questions.
  8. You must understand perfectly how Blackboard works, you will be surprised to know that there are many tools that can save you time when exercising your duties as a tutor. For example, when reviewing tasks, you can download all the files corresponding to a task and thus not waste time downloading the file of each student.
  9. I recommend that you specify where on the platform you can receive questions from students. Many students put their doubts in the comments where they upload their assignments. I advise you to ask your students that you only receive questions through a message. This will avoid disorganization and may answer more questions in a short time.
  • When reviewing the tasks, never put the answer directly, if a student had an error, recommend what topics should be studied to get the correct answer. However, if it gave the student the opportunity to go back up his activity and had errors, in this case it is advisable to provide the answers with the procedure in a clear and organized way
  • If you are behind in the homework review, I advise you to tell the students your situation and ask them to be patient about when the feedback will be ready. Many students wait until the feedback is sent to them to start studying. In this way it is guaranteed that the students will receive quality feedback (not done in a hurry) and will be organized to study with different course material.
  • Be aware of students who are a bit low on average. Remember that a tutor is a guide, a beacon in the dark, contact them, ask them about their situation and, if possible, give them facilities regarding the date of delivery of the assignments, so that they can be updated in the course.
  • Never lose motivation or encouragement. The tutor is a very important pillar on Economics tuition Singapore, it is important that it is in optimal conditions to provide students with quality service.