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Why to study MBBS from Nepal

Nepal has becoming the most approached destination for pursuing medical studies. Nepal is situated in the lap of Himalayas. It is a great relief for the students who want to pursue MBBS in Nepal courses at affordable price as compared to other countries. Nepal shares its border with India, China, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, etc.  There are parallel situation lies in Nepal as in India regarding culture, daily lifestyle, or other activities. There are many reasons why to choose Nepal universities for higher studies;

Easy Documentation: Documentation system in Nepal universities is fairly simple and quick. Candidates can easily apply for admission or any other work related with university. Because of uncomplicated procedure and humble behavior of Nepal peoples many international students are applying in Nepal universities.

Admission without Visa: It is the most favorable condition for Indian students to pursue medicine in Nepal without visa because of friendly relation among two nations. Indian students are allowed to step into the country without any visa or permission but other international students are required to take their visa along with them.

No Proficiency Test: In most of European universities it is required to qualify the language test like IELTS or TOEFL to get admission in any course but this is not in case of Nepal Universities students don’t requires to clear any proficiency test. Nepal universities will provide you chance to study without any kind of pressure.

FMGE passing percentage: As compared from Russia, China, Ukraine or any other country, students who have completed their course from Nepal universities have more chances to qualify the MCI screening for practicing in India as Nepal’s passing percentage is 17.7%.

Less expensive: As compared from Indian institutions either it’s public or private a middle class family student should not get admission in Institutions because of very high fee structure and donation amounts so applying in Nepal universities is wise decision because their total tuition fees is much more less than Indian institute and their students do not have to give any donation fees. Total fee approximately ranges about 24 to 40 lakhs INR.

Hospitality in Nepal: Hostel facility is available for international students who came from other land.  There are separate hostel available for both girls and boys at easy and affordable price with modern living lifestyle and hygienic food availability. Hostel rooms are available at single or sharing basis so that students can easily manage in their fixed budget.

Other facilities: There are many other amenities provided to the students at campus like Library, labs, Computer labs, study halls, Auditorium, sports courts, café, departmental stores, students club and others. Bank and ATMs are also available in the campus for financial transactions.

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