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What is an AP exam?

Some high schools offer tests called “AP” tests used by colleges and universities to grant credit to high school students. These exams are more difficult than regular high school exams, as they are equivalent to a college course. Passing these exams looks impressive in college applications, which demonstrates your ability to handle college-level material and also gives you an advantage when you start college courses.


Some high schools offer AP classes to prepare students for the exam. AP teachers introduce students to test expectations and offer tips on how to succeed with AP study books. Taking an AP course could better guarantee a passing grade on the exam, although you can study for the AP exam on your own.

Topics and components

AP exams are offered in 34 subjects, including languages, history, social science, geography, science, mathematics, art and music. The components of each test vary from one topic to another. For example, the English Literature test assesses students in literary interpretation and text writing, while the exam for the course “Government and Politics United States” expects students to know not only the structure of the United States government , but the diverse political beliefs that the American policy possesses.

How to register and what to bring

Sign up through an AP teacher at your school. If the AP is not offered at your school, register online through the College Board and take the exams at a nearby school that participates. You have to pay a fee to take the AP exam. Take No. 2 pencils for multiple choice questions and black or blue pens for short and long answer questions. Have your school code and social security numbers, an appropriate calculator for a math or science test, a rule for a physics test, and a photo ID if you take the test at another school. No notes, cheat sheets, portable music players or cell phones are allowed.


AP exams are graded with a score of five, with five being the highest score. On your exam sheet, you will receive an indication from the universities or the university to receive your grades. The AP exam qualifiers will also send the results to you and your high school. Different universities require different AP exam grades to accept you.

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