Steps to Help You Prevent Injury During Exercise

When it comes to lifestyles, there seems to be just two. The first involves a lot of sitting on the couch while the second involves a lot of exercises at the gym.

This misperception creates a big challenge for those on the couch as they feel like their only other option is to get up and join a gym or run around the block until they can’t walk anymore.

However, it’s important to remember that there is a middle ground, and it’s the space where you should tread when getting into exercise.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can prevent injuries when starting exercise.

Take It Easy!

Just like the example above, the worst thing that you can do it just get off the couch and start running around the block. While it may feel invigorated at the start, you aren’t doing your body any good and you are setting yourself up for failure when the next day pain rolls around.

Instead, look for a comfortable middle ground, remembering that you aren’t sure of your fitness level yet so it’s best to take it easy. For example, simply walking around the block once or twice on your first day is more than enough and should be considered an achievement. Then, as the days progress, walk more and more until you can feel your body start to really feel it.

The same time applies for any type of exercise you are considering doing, not just running or walking. Be sure to ease your way into it and remember that there isn’t any rush!

What Will You Be Wearing?

If you are planning on running around the football field in jeans then it’s time to visit the Groupon Coupons page for Rue 21 to pick up something more appropriate. While you don’t have to choose the most expensive of the best styles, you do need to make sure that the clothing and the shoes that you are wearing are designed for exercise.


For example, walking shoes won’t provide the type of support that you will need should you decide to take up jogging. Similarly, tight and restrictive clothing will make it harder for your body to extend and limit the level of your workouts, not to mention making them uncomfortable.

Always Stretch Before and After

If you think that stretching is for soccer moms and those who do yoga, you are in for a surprise. A painful one. Not stretching before and after your exercise is the best way to encourage lactic acid buildup in your muscles leaving you with the horrid pain and uncomfortable the next day.

To prevent this pain, along with preparing your muscles for the workout and for recovery, be sure to stretch your whole body before and after each exercise, even if you are just exercising your arms.

The reason for the whole body stretch is to ensure that your supporting muscles are also prepared and ready to keep your body in the right posture throughout the entirety of your exercise program.

When it comes to exercise, the key is to listen to your body. If you feel the need to slow down and take a break, then slow down and take a break. If you feel like you need a drink, then take a drink. Whatever your body tells you, be sure you are listening.