How to take admission in Online MBA?

Currently it is possible to take admission in MBA in the best universities in the world entirely through the Internet. It has its advantages, but also its demands. Let’s take a closer look to get your MBA online.

Online MBAs are not new for some universities, for example IE Business School is already internationally recognized for its distance training programs, since it has been working under this modality for more than 10 years.

It is true that Online MBAs have changed over the years and, nowadays, doing an MBA from a distance learning program is an experience that has nothing to send to the classroom modality. Online training has transferred the concepts and methodologies of traditional teaching (face-to-face) to the web. Basically, the classes were recorded on video and uploaded so that everyone could see them. Today is much more dynamic and participative: in addition to the videos, there are spaces to comment, forums where students can talk to each other, make inquiries and clear doubts, as well as share their progress and observations on the different topics. In the same way, video conferences involving teachers and students are beginning to be used.

This means that educational institutions are taking advantage of the possibility of offering an online MBA. The main one is to allow access to professionals who could not do so in person, either because of the economic effort of traveling and living in a foreign country for at least one year, as well as having to leave their job. Today it is not necessary to travel or stop working.
On the other hand, doing an MBA from a distance has a couple of major challenges, the self-discipline that is required to study at home, in the midst of daily tasks and at a pace that puts it yourself and the loss of immediacy. That means that patience is another aspect to consider. Although the forums are open to questions or queries, the responses from teachers can take from 24 to 48 hours to arrive.

But, in conclusion, doing an Online MBA does not stop being a good option. After all, the Online MBA from a prestigious university may have more value in the market than the face-to-face MBA from a little-known one.