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5 Wrong Assumptions That Cause Autism Spectrum

Scientists and psychologists can put off a number of lists that include dozens of genes concurrent to the autism spectrum. But, there’s much less conformity about which particular elements of our surroundings chip into the condition and by how much. A universal question after an autism spectrum diagnosis is what the cause of autism is, isn’t it? Different researches suggest that autism develops from a grouping of genetic and non-genetic, or else environmental influences.

We are familiar with the fact that there’s no single cause of autism. It’s important to keep in mind that raised danger is not the same as cause. All we discern is that, when the problem-solving criterion is being developed, so did the number of people who qualified for diagnosis. Nevertheless, genetics, certain medications, and a few types of spontaneous genetic mutations add to the risk of autism.

Things That Don’t Cause Autism:

  1. Poor Nutrition

Yes, poor nutrition doesn’t cause autism. A lot of parents have set their children with autism on gluten free diets along with other special diets. Well, that does not signify that poor nutrition “caused” autism. Study advocates that some kids with autism have gastrointestinal issues that can cause uneasiness. Therefore, while alteration in the diet may improve autistic symptoms but poor nutrition doesn’t cause autism. This is based on a theory that children with autism may have an allergy or high sensitivity to some kinds of foods.

  1. Bad Parenting

Yes, we should impede blaming parents for causing autism as bad parenting doesn’t cause autism. A generation of autism parents wound up being blamed for their children’s’ special educational needs. Unfortunately, we have gotten this kind of insensitive blaming in the earlier period.

  1. Vaccines:

Well, this one is not only the most popular falsehood but also the most unsafe. The reality is there is no confirmation or proof that the chemical addition like thiomersal can cause autism. The sad thing about this is it has caused people to stay away from the immunisations that could have protected us from tedious diseases for years.

  1. Family Situations

This is completely fictional. Hard family situations don’t cause autism. Trust us, children can deal with divorce, death, and much more family situations, and such experiences cannot cause autism. If a child does become reserved or unhappy, it is indeed possible that he or she is suffering from a non-autism-related frame of mental confusion which should be diagnosed and treated.

  1. Cell Phones

We have heard that cell phones and wi-fi networks are behind a rise in autism. Without any doubt, parents are not causing autism in their children by using their cell phones. The electromagnetic radiation (ER) does have an impact on the brain—but so far no credible association has been made between ER and autism.

So, what causes autism?

Recent medicinal findings imply that by far the most important contributing factor to autism is genetics. Autism is an intricate special need and as far as we know there’s no single particular cause. However, the special education needs teachers are aware of different kinds of facts as they have educated these through online Autism course for teachers program. Even, autism is four times more common in boys than girls and the families who already have a child with autism have an increased threat of having another child with autism. Whatever maybe the reason, the most essential thing you can do for an autistic child is to care for, support, and help him to attain all that the child can, in life!

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