What Are The Advantages Of Taking Online Exams

During the digital era, even schools are running online with chalks of assignments for children. Education is the lifetime benefit of people, with the Internet being the revolution in human history.

Online assessment is when the assignment is given through a computer connected to a network. Further, all of these assignments are educational types. The assignments contain one or more of the elements depending on the purpose of the assessments.

Janison online assessment platform transforms the way you are delivering all the assignments. They help to streamline the exam form to provide flexible and reliable assessments. The tools help to run all the tests in simple steps. The exam management team helps in ensuring smooth running premiums every day.

Schools making the shift to online assessments

So many education institutions are making the shift for evaluating in the modern method. With intelligent gadgets and equipment, the tasks can be done by the students at any time. It is irrespective of the location of the teachers.

An average student appears at least 60 to 70 times in exams in their lives. For all the exams, there is a tension of paper and the syllabus coverage that will come. Online assessments cut off all the unnecessary things and only give what is needed from you.

The result is a crucial part of all online assessments. Even though students write everything but they are sometimes prone to mistakes. Online assessments result is instant and very quick. Besides, the location can be decided by the students themselves without any problem.

Advantages of online assessments

  • Less administrative burden

With online assessments, there is a less administrative burden on the teachers as well as the students. Secondly, the time taken on printing and distributing the question papers lessens. And everything happens online. Students can’t even copy in the exams because they are sitting in front of the computer.

  • Easy moderation of question papers

The teachers can create a bank of approved questions with an online assessment system. Likewise, all the questions are used to create randomized question papers online. The online assessment is also easy to check and submit the answer papers to the students. The exam results are also given on a faster note.

  • Faster evaluation of results

With online assessments, the results are quickly evaluated and given to the students. They come to know of their results within a day or two.

Further, it also eliminates the waiting period that fills students’ minds with anxiety both for students and parents alike. The teachers can use the answer sheets to give immediate feedback to the students. Also, they can modify the teaching standards accordingly.

  • Providing secured solution

The online assessments give the schools to go paperless, eliminating the printing of question papers. Moreover, the security of the schools is maintained, providing excellent protection of the question papers.


Multiple choice questions and open-ended questions are some types of online assessment questions. Teachers also improve online discussions to help students achieve success in life.