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Tips to buy your future wife’s engagement ring

At that precise moment when you decide that you are going to ask for a marriage from your partner and that you want to commit to ensure that wedding is when doubts arise about the engagement ring. What kind of ring can I buy? With which one can I surprise her more? Will she reach my budget to buy an engagement ring with diamonds? What is difference between materials such as Tungsten Rings vs Stainless Steel Rings?

We solve all these doubts below.

Buy the ideal engagement ring

First of all, you must assume that you have two options to now give an engagement ring to your partner:

  • Surprise her with the ring that you have chosen based on the tastes and personality of your girlfriend.
  • Surround yourself with loved ones related to her who can know better than you the type of jewelry that hits your girl the most. It may be a good idea to take a trip to your future mother-in-law or even take your girlfriend so she can choose her engagement ring herself.

And choosing the best ring for a commitment is not easy. There are many styles, shapes and metals to choose from. Therefore, some of the basic tips that we can give you necessarily happen because you learn to distinguish the precious metal you want and that you know the 4C of the diamonds. We explain it to you below.

What a precious metal to choose

The options are clear here:

  • Gold. It is the most popularwhen it comes to buying engagement alliances. You can choose it in different carats and colors. Currently, pink gold and black gold are very popular, but yellow gold and white gold are still leaders in sales.
  • Platinum. It is stronger and more durable than gold and, in fact, it is the most expensive of all the metals on this list. Are you willing to buy a platinum engagement ring for your future wife? It all depends on your budget.
  • Palladium. At the level of durability it is at a midpoint between gold and platinum. It has the great advantage that it is hypoallergenic. It is cheaper than platinum.
  • Titanium. Another option for reduced budgets. It is cheap and very resistant.

The 4C of the diamonds

So that you do not sound like Chinese when you mention it, we talk about the 4C to refer to the carats (which are known as carat in English), the color, clarity and cut. All words start with letter C, hence the 4C diamonds.

The key to buying an engagement ring with diamonds is to find a balance between the 4C that fits your budget.

And now, do you have a clearer idea of ​​which engagement ring to buy to what will be the woman of your life?

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