Role of HP Loadrunner certification for your career – Freshers Facts


There are many and varied Software Testing tools in the marketplace now. Among the best tools out there is the HP Loadrunner tool which allows software developers and coders to test their creations on a well-developed platform that will enable them to check any bugs or difficulties they may encounter in the future. It is used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load. LoadRunner can simulate thousands of users concurrently using application software, recording and later analyzing the performance of key components of the application. LoadRunner simulates user activity by generating messages between application components or by simulating interactions with the user interface such as keypresses or mouse movements. The messages and interactions to be generated are stored in scripts. LoadRunner can generate the scripts by recording them, such as logging HTTP requests between a client web browser and an application’s web server. HP Loadrunner training in Chennai is a good place to get the sufficient training in this very important subject any developer or programmer would like to have. HP Loadrunner training is a veritably important piece of training that will enable the next generation of computer scientists to have a good testing apparatus to test out their own programs and software.

HP Loadrunner benefits for the future

Getting a certification in Loadrunner is a great step towards getting knowledge in the field of software testing in a professional environment. In the tech world, if a product, especially if it’s a software and is related to future automation, if the testing is done in a thorough and professional manner, then the software and what it does is developed and delivered as a complete system which will most likely be without any bugs or mistakes that may damage the productivity and efficiency of the software itself. There are many advantages to having a testing platform like HP Loadrunner. No need to install it on the server under test. Excellent monitoring and analysis interface where you can see reports in easy to understand colored charts and graphics. Supports most of the protocols applicable in the software development environment. Makes correlation much easier to make for an easier analysis of the results and testing. Nice GUI generated script through a one click recording, which you would then need to modify the script according to your needs. Excellent tutorials, exhaustive documentation and active tool support from HP is another aspect that makes Loadrunner a good platform. The LoadRunner Tuning Module which is a newer module that has been added on by the developers themselves. What Loadrunner does is that it allows customers to isolate and resolve system performance bottlenecks. Once the application has been stress tested using LoadRunner, the Tuning Module provides component test libraries and a knowledgebase that help users isolate and resolve performance bottlenecks. To have a good certification in Loadrunner, one need not look any further and to get it done as soon as they can.