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First Grade Teacher Procedures in the Classroom

First grade is a huge step and a very special time in most kid’s lives. They’ve graduated from Kindergarten where fun and games were abundant, and now it’s time to learn all the good stuff (and still have fun too). While they are still very young, full of mistakes and potential, and at the beginning stages of adolescence, they can at the very least learn to abide by the rules, listen to their teachers, and follow Classroom Procedures. If you’re reading this and need procedures to place in order, here you go!

Respecting Others

By now, first graders have heard the several stories about respect and have a good idea of what it entails, but they still need you to instill those very values in them. Teach them about personal space, how to talk to and approach their peers, how to respect you, how not to offend anyone. Respect is one of the most important values any person could have, and the earlier we teach children, the better off they will be.

Have Your Essentials on Deck

No longer are the days when forgetting your textbooks and supplies are substituted are allowed. Having those essentials are key to being successful in the classroom. Have rules set from day one about having the proper necessities to thrive. Children can’t follow along with the lesson plan if they don’t have their textbooks, and they can’t do the given work if they don’t have supplies. This procedure puts every kid in position to succeed.

Hall Way Behavior

Single filed lines, walking on the right side of the hall, and navigating the halls quietly – all procedures kids have to learn now. Historically, some children struggle with the idea of hall way behavior but all it takes is the right leader to show them the way. If they don’t get this one down, then they can be a disruption to other classes.

Raise Your Hand to Talk

A classroom is a place for children to learn, not a place to disturb; especially for first graders. Lay down raising your hand to talk as a key procedure for a happy and successful classroom. Too many distractions happen when it comes to talking out of turn and talking obsessively without awareness is a problem too.

Free Time

In a first grader’s mind, free time might be the best time. However, free time is an award and isn’t given to all. Establish early that free time is only given to those whom finish their assignments or to those whom have presented great behavior during a period of time.

Using the Restroom

If there is one thing we all need to do, it is using the restroom. However, for your first graders they must learn how to ask to use the restroom and what to do when it is time to. First off, let them know that they need to raise their hand and ask politely. After, they must exit the classroom quietly and return without much noise.

There are so many classroom procedures for first graders, but these are key procedures to lead your first graders into a year of success.

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