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The only Tips You’ll Ever Need to survive NAPLAN

NAPLAN is a voluntary test which tests the literacy and numeracy knowledge of the students. This test is held on a single day and lasts for some hours. The questions are based on concepts and are different from that offered by the regular term papers.

NAPLAN tests are organised in the schools itself and are created according to the curriculum of the school.

 The only Tips You’ll Ever Need to survive NAPLAN

Granted that NAPLAN tests can be a bit harder for the students when compared to the term papers they have at school. However, here are some tips to help them out for better results:

  • Rapid Writing: The writing section of the NAPLAN test lasts for 40 minutes. In these 40 minutes, the students are required to write persuasive or narrative content. However, most students are usually worried about their time, which is why helping your kid or students with rapid writing sessions as practice would take away the pressure.
  • Practice tests: The NAPLAN sample tests are not sufficient for enough practice. Even if you count the previous year’s test papers, the practice material is still short. With NAPLAN tests you need regular practice, and to do that you can come up with NAPALAN practice test-like tests of your own. Find creative ways of handing out the tests, make small cards or print the tests out in coloured The students will be more inclined to work on these tests if they are colourful and unique.
  • Pay attention to grammar: Most students can speak and understand English However, their writing skills still lack luster. The reason behind this is that most of these students end up making unnecessary grammatical errors. These errors may include spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and other structural errors. The only way to fix these errors is a regular practice. Help your students by giving them some tests every day followed by a discussion with correct answers. The discussing part is important, as this will help the students understand what exactly is expected out of them.
  • Reading Sessions: NAPLAN tests comprehension skills of the student. However, the testing is quite thorough which makes this section hard. To improve the comprehension skills of your kid or students, it is advised that you allow them to read, a lot! Reading every day and reading thoroughly will help these students to understand everything that is being said. Reading does not only involve understanding what is written but also involves understanding what is being said between the lines.
    Comprehension for lower grades is easy, so simple stories with funny and easy language is more than sufficient for practice. For higher grades, try to get something harder and discuss the stories or the matter once the reading is done.

NAPLAN tests could be hard and stressful for the child, parent, and the teachers. However, preparing beforehand and keeping everything in mind helps to reduce the stress involved and helps the students perform better.

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