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Maths & Science In Everyday Life

Students should accept the fact that science is not just a classroom subject, it can also be used in everyday life instances. We have witnessed the evolution of technology and various application of smart devices and science concepts in our mundane activities. Below we will be viewing the further use of technology in pursuing a career in your desired path.

Day to Day

We should agree that maths, engineering, science, and technology are a very essential part in an individual’s daily routine. For example to take photos, one should need to understand the logic behind incorporating science concepts like symmetry, perspective, and the golden ratio into account in order to experiment on the desired photo.


Designing anything requires a precise calculation which includes geometry, shapes, and arithmetic. Concepts like Tyndall effect can be incorporated into interior decoration purposes and sports like gymnastics requires a keen knowledge of physics concepts such as rotation, momentum, and balance with slight adjustments to the principles of physics in order to ensure faster and higher propelment.

Music & Art

Producing a good song requires an extreme sense of rhythm and a keen understanding of timing. Music industry thrives on these scientific principles and it is also used in therapy for brain injuries like autism and depression. Having the use of scientific methods into the music can enlighten great careers. Reading music is like understanding maths symbols, playing the piano is like seeing maths in action.


STEM subjects have presented the environmental engineers and urban planners a platform to apply their skills in developing sustainable communities all over the world so that people can come together in the space created, which is indeed a noble passion. Creating buildings made out of various compounds with the help of the science concept such as reactivity series and mixtures and proportions is effective and perspective in the future.

Understanding science is not that difficult now due to the presence of online education at the fingertips. Students take help of various study materials created by subject matter experts in order to help you excel in your exams in an effective manner. Students can check out how the important concepts are explained in videos on BYJU’S by subscribing to its YouTube channel.


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