Job Prospects after Banking and Finance Course

Thinking of enrolling in courses in banking and finance? They are among the most popular options for Indian students. Such programs are so popular that currently there are around 4,400 colleges in India offering MBA/PGDM courses, according to data provided by The reason for this popularity is the wide range of job prospects available after completing the course. Here are some of the options after completing a banking courses after 12th:

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Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is entrusted with the responsibility of gathering and analyzing data. This data is then used to make important decisions regarding the direction of the company. A financial analyst must have a good grip on a variety of fields, such as maths, economics and accounting. You would be involved in the process of identifying and mitigating challenges, and recommending the best course of action. This would mean that you must be always aware of the market trends as well.

Loan Officer

The job of a loan officer is to help organizations and individuals in getting the right loans. For this, you will need to evaluate the needs of the organization and their credit worthiness. On the basis of these, you can select the most suitable loans for their employer. To become a loan officer, you need good knowledge of banking and sales. Having expertise in the field of computers also comes in handy.

Finance Manger

They are responsible for maintaining the financial health of an organization. They look after the investment activities, produce financial reports, plan and develop strategies for achieving the financial goals of the company.

Treasury Manager

In this field, you would have to deal with the management and collection of foreign currency. It is important for a treasury manager to have good knowledge of finance and mathematics. They also should be aware of the fluctuations in the values of different currencies. They are responsible for managing the portfolio in a way that its value does not deteriorate.

Bank Teller

As a bank teller, you would be assigned the responsibility of dealing with customers directly.  They are also known as customer representatives or cashiers in some places. It is recommended to complete a banking course for this profile. Their responsibilities can include:

  • Cashing, depositing and transfer of cheques.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of savings.
  • Issuance of negotiable items, such as money orders.
  • Resolving customer issues.
  • Balancing and updating passbooks.

Equity Analyst

The focus of an equity analyst is on studying the stocks of various companies. They start off by conducting financial analysis and modelling. They are also responsible for producing projections, research reports and recommendations for the concerned stocks. Issuing hold, sell or buy recommendations is one of the key aspects of the job of an equity analyst. An equity analyst generally works in a small field of companies to develop expertise. It is recommended to do a banking course after graduation for this.

Apart from these, there are plenty of other job opportunities available after doing a banking and finance course, such as budget analyst, broker, and financial planner. There are plenty of banking certification courses after Class 12th and graduation that can help you with them.