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Reasons Why Some College Students are Having a Hard Time Academically

Some students prepared well in high school that when they transitioned to college, they did not have a hard time. However, many others felt that the university environment is too different and they are having a hard time coping with their lessons. Unfortunately, some students did not even have the necessary foundation to do well in college so for instance, they do not know the use of a hyperbole when writing an article and their writing scores are not exactly of the highest calibre. Understanding the reasons why some students are not doing well is crucial in helping them.

They selected the wrong course

The degree that the students take must be something that they love. If forced to study a class that they are not passionate about, they will most likely fail. They may not understand the lessons well so they’ll feel confused all the time, obviously being the opposite of beneficial.

Poor foundation in high school

Different high schools adhere to various schools of thought. Regardless of the nature of teaching, it is essential that kids learn a solid foundation of knowledge as most lessons in college are not too difficult if students learned well in high school. If they did not receive information on those topics they would find everything unusual and surprising, feeling left out if are unable to keep up.

Lack of study habits

Children need to learn how to study even without being told. They need to establish study habits at a young age if they want to do an excellent job in everything they do as in college, the teachers will not be there to spoon feed them the information. Students have to learn the basics in class, but do more outside if they want to improve. If they choose to party during their free time, they will most likely fail.

Low self-esteem

In high school, students somewhat feel comfortable with the learning environment. They are with the same people for several years and have already established a good relationship with them, meaning they feel confident in participating in classroom activities. However in college, it is a diverse environment. They might have classmates who are way too smart and advanced and if they compare their scores, they’ll realize that they are way behind everyone else. It may affect their self-esteem and decide not to take their studies seriously if they feel there’s no hope to improve.

Lack of independence

At school, students receive everything they need. At home, the same thing happens. However, In the university they have no one to rely on and will need to do everything themselves. Apart from doing well in their studies, they also need to do household chores and given their lack of independence, they may barely be able to manage their time.


Some students are intelligent and highly capable. They are quite fearful though because they do not think they can compete well as their fear prevents them from giving an excellent performance. They may also have not received enough encouragement at home or with their previous school to think that they are capable of taking things to the next level.

Teachers and parents have to be there for students who have a hard time in college. It is not yet too late, and their entire university experience will prepare them for their chosen path in life.

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