The Importance of Childcare Workers

Two little girls and teacher plying with plasticine on classes

Where would the world be without childcare workers? The role of the childcare worker has changed massively in recent years. Previously the profession was simply seen as babysitters who would look after children whilst their parents were at work, but now childcare workers are highly knowledgeable careers who look not only look after and educate children, but play a crucial role in their overall development. Without these fantastic professionals who have studied childcare courses and gained experience in the industry, many childrens’ potential would go unrecognized and unfulfilled. Let’s explore the profession of childcare workers in more detail.

Keeping them Safe

The biggest hopes of any parent are to make sure that their children are healthy, safe and well looked after. Childcare workers play a key role in fulfilling these hopes and everyday not only do they make sure that all children are well looked after, but they also fill in all manner of paperwork which reflect the health of the children in their care along with any incidents which occur during the day. This is a critical part of keeping children safe and healthy and it is arguably one of the most important roles that childcare workers play.


Children are now being educated from a far earlier age, with many parents even pushing children to get the earliest possible start on their education. It is because of this, that many childcare workers are also seen as teachers by many, implementing early education curriculums and keeping track on how children are progressing. This is another important area in the profession of childcare, as workers must be vigilant and intuitive when it comes to spotting the needs of different kids and how to best help them in their early years of development.

Job Types

Childcare workers are not just those who spend their days in the nursery of course and there is also a range of positions throughout schools and community organisations where someone could work after studying childcare. Each course looks at a different area of childcare such as early years, special needs and even skills that can be transferred to other opportunities such as a teachers aide course.

How to Get into Childcare

When entering the childcare profession, the first thing that you need to consider is what kind of career you are looking for. For example, you may wish to work in early years education and therefore should look for childcare courses more related to that specific area. However, as mentioned previously, many childcare jobs teach skills that are transferable within the industry meaning you aren’t automatically locked into one career path. These courses can be found across a number of tertiary institutions from universities to TAFEs, so be sure to do your due diligence when deciding on where to study.

Finally, remember that in childcare professions background and police checks are always required, therefore be sure to stay out of trouble so you don’t risk your career before it even starts. Being a childcare worker is a rewarding and fulfilling career, don’t miss out on your chance to join this noble profession, apply today!