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How to Prepare for USMLE Courses (3 Steps to Follow)

1.      Get Your Resources

Selecting the resources is the most important step when it comes to preparing for the USMLE Courses. You not only have to understand what you need to study but also have to understand what you do not need to study.

Therefore, you need to check out what resources are the most useful for passing the exam. For instance, the core of your study can be UFAP Protocol consisting of First Aid, Pathoma and UWorld.

Again, for Microbiology, you can select Sketchy Micro which is the ultimate solution for the subject. You will understand every line very clearly. Again, Goljan’s Audio Lectures can be of your help for Pathology.

It comes with audio-visual technology which is very much helpful. We recommend you not to collect too many resources at the same time. Try to be precise in your study and focus on that particular one or two. And, after finishing that, make sure you take practice exams.

2.      Maintain Your Study Schedule

Maintaining a schedule and keeping track is one of the most significant steps to prepare for the USMLE courses. Maintaining a daily schedule will bring you back on the track and will help you focus on your goal. And, a well-organized routine is a key to success.

You can categorize your strengths and weaknesses in the routine and then work on it to improve yourself. Believe me, passing the USMLE course at your first try is pretty hard if you are not well-structured in your approach.

So, don’t risk yourself and make a daily, weekly, and even monthly routines in the beginning and complete your goal.

Daily Routine:

For daily routine, at first, divide the day into 3-4 blocks and study for 2 hours in every block. Say, if you have divided the day into 4 blocks, you can easily study for 8 hours a day without any pain. Take rest after completing every block. l during your resting time, you can listen to audio lessons other than playing games or cards.

Weekly Routine:

When you have got used to the daily routine, you can now make a weekly routine. Organize the lesson plans that you can finish within a week.

Choose 3 subjects that you can finish completely within a week and then choose another 3 in the next week. This way all the subjects will be finished completely. Watch videos, listen to audios during your off time.

3.      Test Day Tricks

You need to prepare for the test day and follow some important tricks that will help you feel relaxed and calm on that very day. Make sure to ask yourself whether you are fully prepared and can answer the questions. You will have a total of 75 minutes which you can take back to back or take rest between each block of tests. We would recommend you to take rest between each block to let your brain calm down. Take short breaks in the beginning and increase the time gradually. Read every question twice as some questions are always tricky and confusing.

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